What our clients are saying…

What our Clients are saying…

Simon D Hudson
Amvale Medical Transport Ltd

Amvale Medical Transport Limited (part of the Amvale Group) is an independent private company delivering Emergency & Non-Emergency transport services.  Established in 1988 from its rural base in Northern Lincolnshire the Company quickly broadened its geographical penetration across the UK.  The company’s focus is on the specialist medical transport areas of emergency and non-emergency patient transport to a variety of NHS Trusts, secure patient movement, patients for transplant, emergency transplant medical team response, emergency organ transplant movement, medical training, medical cover for events, SEN transport and coach transport.

Across the whole spectrum of the company business, we employ some 500 staff in total that are split across 3 main locations within North Lincolnshire and Scotland.  It is extremely important to us that all aspects of human resourcing and employment law is supported across the company framework, not just for the company itself but for the individual employee as well.  The management of the variety of our employees is in itself a mammoth day to day task and HR matters can consume a significant portion of work to the management team, especially those responsible for all HR matters such as discipline and grievance etc.  ELCONS undoubtedly support Amvale in this area and have and continue to provide us with specialist advice and support that a company of this size requires.

We have found ELCONS to be a thoroughly dedicated and dependable source of experienced staff who are willing to put themselves out on behalf of their clients.  They have provided us with a highly experienced team that can draw upon strengths in various related disciplines that respond for us quickly and provide focused advice and representation.  They provide us with 24hr assistance, ensuring that advice and support is always available at any time of the day.

We have had a variety of cases in the past, some of which have been more complex than others and ELCONS have always provided their expert advice and support throughout each and every case.  In one circumstance the matter went to Tribunal and the Solicitor they assigned to the case dedicated their time and effort from start to finish.  During any Tribunal appearances they made sure that we had a clear understanding of what the procedure consisted of and represented us most professionally with the case being made against the company finally being dismissed.

Given the nature of the work that we undertake, our decision to use outside sources is not taken lightly and to have such a company as ELCONS supporting us with all our employment law specialist needs is not only a great pleasure, but in truth an excellent asset to the business we do.  For any party, irrespective of their business size, considering the professional standards and commitment of ELCONS, I can wholeheartedly recommend the use of their services and find them to be a first rate and thoroughly professional company.

Should you wish to contact me directly to ask any questions then please feel free to do so.

Claire Calman
Starts with you

We chose to work with Elcons in the summer to support my role as Business & People Manager whilst training for CIPD level 5 in Human Resources.

Elcons, especially our advisor, Debra Bowd, has been an enormous asset to us in providing support and advice over many areas since summer 2019. Examples of guidance provided have included employee support, policy and contracts, procedures, letters and Elcons ‘stationery pack’, but above all, keeping us in line with best practice at all times. Debra has been fantastically helpful and invaluable with her up to date knowledge and legislation and I feel that we’ve built a wonderful professional relationship that I am grateful to continue.

We have also utilised the Elcons complimentary weekly training in Ripponden – this has been used by several of our management team and everyone has repeatedly fed back that this has provided reassurance and further awareness of several employment law subjects.

Rebecca Dyson
Meadows Care

To sum up my experience of Elcons in one word it would be Amazing!

Our company have been using Elcons for just over 3 years now and I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of them. I had not been in my current role for long when we started using Elcons I came from a team of 12 HR professionals to just me as a HR department. Elcons have given me the confidence, guidance and support needed to deal with any challenges I have faced while being in my role – which to date has been a lot which hasn’t seemed to phase them one bit!

Although you are assigned one main advisor, if they are unavailable another advisor is more than happy to step in and deal with the query.

Elcons also provide training sessions included within the advice service. The training has been invaluable and has given us a better understanding of employment law and what you can and can’t say! Elcons have also been to our Head Office and provided training to our managers on absence management and the disciplinary process.

The best advice would be to give Elcons a try, we used the service on a real life case before we signed up and the advice and support we were given was excellent from start to finish.

I am one very happy customer!

Darren Johnson
Supreme Protective Coatings Ltd

Supreme Protective Coatings Ltd. (Part of the Supremecoat Group) is a cutting edge company delivering market leading liquid protection products for vehicles to the Motor Manufacturer and Leisure Industry. Established in 2003 and building into a group by 2021.

Since incorporating Elcons into our Management Team we have found it to be a seamless professional transition and strongly depend on the knowledge and expertise they offer within their company HR model.

We have had instances where we needed their excellent highly experienced team for representation and professional support.

In summary, I would have no hesitation in recommending Elcons to any organization who needs an excellent, dedicated and highly driven company to stand by them in every HR situation and requirement.

Please contact me directly if you require any further information.

James Harper

”Elcons have provided our business with an HR solution that we didn’t think would be possible’’ 

‘’Elcons do exactly what it says on the tin and have the knowledge and experience to cover every area that’s required’’ 

‘’They are a fantastic company to work with and have provided great support in an area we have always struggled with in the past!!”

Janine Hulme

I recently had the need to utilise your services regarding some employee issues, the representative who assisted me was Terrie. Her approach was professional, warm, empathic and efficient and she made the whole process so much easier. Well done on employing such conscientious and capable good staff!

We are as a nation quick to complain but I believe praise is equally as important. Thank you.

Reece Safety

We have used Elcons for a number of years and their consultancy is second to none. They take you through every step of any HR process and provide bespoke letters and advice to help you get the correct outcomes for any HR issue you may have. Their ability to second guess and react is what makes them so good.

We were recently represented at an Employment Tribunal and because of their advice the claimant’s complaint was dismissed

Managing Partner

We have used Elcons for a few years now. We particularly like Elcons flexibility and adaptability to our individual needs. What we get with Elcons is straight advice.

Within Elcons we have a dedicated employment advisor who knows our organisation inside out. We never have to explain our problems numerous times to different advisors. Our queries are dealt with in a very timely manner. All our policies and documents are taken care of.

Elcons have helped us move from a very turbulent time in our acquisition and merger. We are now a stable and organised practice as a result. We are so happy with Elcons that we asked for a 5 year renewal instead of the usual three years

Jay Williamson
General Manager – Care Counts Limited

Thank you for all of your support today and over the past few weeks. Having one port of call to deal with any issues is amazing (rather than the lucky dip that is XXXXX). The speed in which you respond to any raised issue is truly staggering and always professional. Joining Elcons has been the best decision Care Counts has made (and we are only a few months in!) wow! Knowing that the Elcons team is at the end of a telephone line or an email gives me the breathing space as a manager to perform all of my duties without the tedium of HR and what it can entail, thank you!!

Sharon Archibald
Operations Lead – Our TLC Ltd

From the first call we had with the Elcons team, we were amazed at their friendly and professional approach.

Elcons have offered us expert advice and direction for all our employment needs, from contracts to advice relating to employment issues and court proceedings. The guidance and support they have given us has been invaluable, nothing phases them! The team has certainly made my life easier and I know I have expert advice at the end of the phone whenever I need it which is invaluable to me and our organisation.  The training course they are offer are informative and interesting with great learning outcomes.  I highly recommended Elcons the whole team is fantastic.

Samantha Ware
Founder & CEO – Tailor Made Media Limited

In March 2018, I made a relatively senior hire into my business. Sadly, it emerged very quickly that the new employee had made exaggerated claims about his skills and experience to secure the role. After assessing his suitability for the role on the job and trying to provide appropriate training, we concluded that he was unable to successfully perform even the basic tasks in his job specification, which led to a mutual decision to terminate his employment.

A month later, the individual brought a claim against me for disability discrimination, alleging that he had been dismissed after revealing he had dyslexia. This claim was for nearly £16,000 for a mere 12 days of employment.

I employed the services of two separate law firms to handle the matter for me, costing thousands of pounds in legal fees, only to be advised that making an out-of-court settlement would be preferable to attending a tribunal. This did not sit well with me, since I felt that doing so would imply liability, when my conscience was clear that I had acted fairly and without discrimination. The run-up to the trial was one of the most stressful experiences of my life to date, causing many a sleepless night.

Two weeks prior to the Tribunal, I received a call from Elcons to ask if I wanted any assistance with the matter. I was, admittedly, quite closed off, given my outlay in legal fees and the lack of sound advice thus far. However, I agreed to have a conversation with John Peel that evening. John is the Managing Director of Elcons and took the time to listen to the ins and outs of the case and he came across as extremely knowledgeable about employment law, finding holes in the claim against me in just that first conversation. He reassured me that given the right support, I should be successful at the tribunal.

In the run-up to the Tribunal, the Elcons team were incredibly efficient in helping prepare thoroughly for the hearing, whilst removing the stress of having to deal with the responses to Tribunal and the claimant’s representative.

When John represented me, I was so impressed at how he handled the case, from liaising with the judge and his panel, to cross-examining the claimant with questions that were so well thought out that the unjustified grounds of the claim unravelled in front of the whole room.

The end result was that the judge and his two laymen ruled unanimously in my favour. My initial response was to burst into tears that an ordeal spanning 12 months had finally been drawn to a justified close.

I am beyond delighted at my decision to work with John and his Team. I could not have asked for a better result, nor sounder advice in the run-up to the hearing. Needless to say, I am now working with Elcons for all my HR needs on an ongoing basis, which gives me complete peace of mind that my HR function and business, is now in a very safe hands.

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