How can this be? That a cosmetics salesperson can be sacked for selling too much…?

As often is the case, the headlines don’t reflect the detail of a case and are designed to hook in an audience.  In this particular case the Christian Louboutin brand ambassador failed in his unfair dismissal claim against a leading fashion retail firm. The dispute centres around the sale of Louboutin lipstick in which 30 offer lipsticks were sold to a single customer when the maximum per customer was 6.

Puig UK Ltd dismissed Zheng Guo for gross misconduct and added that all trust and confidence was destroyed.  Puig stated that Mr Guo was also asked to separately explain an envelope of €2,000 he was given by a customer.

At the time of the incident Mr Puig is stated to have been on a formal written warning for failing to follow the correct sales procedures for discounts for staff and customers.

Although Mr Guo has lost his unfair dismissal claim, he maintains that he has not been involved in illegal activity and stated that he would like his good reputation and name to be restored.