You may have heard on the press conference last night that critical workers that are fully vaccinated (that is being 14 days after their 2nd dose) with be exempt from self-isolation in exceptional circumstances, i.e. only for the purposes of going to work. Individuals that have been identified as a ‘close contact’ but still continue to attend work under this policy must take a PCR test as soon as possible followed by daily lateral flow tests before attending work each day of their self-isolation period. If they test positive or start to show symptoms they must immediately self-isolate and will no longer be able to attend work.


This particularly policy is intended to be highly limited and focused to prevent public harm from disruption to critical services. It will only apply to named individuals from a specific set of organisations. Companies that have workers that are exempt, will receive a letter from the relevant government department.


Full details are in this press release:


In closing, if you do not receive a letter then you and your workplace will continue to follow the rules on self-isolation.