As furlough is due to end on the 30th September 2021 now would be a good time to have a look at your employees accrued but untaken annual leave to see if you could reasonably enforce any of this leave whilst your employees are still on annual leave.

To enforce a period of annual leave, you must give your employees written notice of the dates you intend to enforce, with at least double the length of notice as the time you are enforcing. Your adviser will be able to draft this letter for you.

Enforcing annual leave throughout a period of furlough will help you manage and reduce the number of holidays to be taken on your employees return to work and the contribution from the government job retention scheme will help reduce the cost you will need to pay out for these periods of annual leave.

Please note, periods of annual leave which are taken during a period of furlough must be paid at 100% of the employees normal wage/ salary, however you will receive the current contribution from the job retention scheme towards this.

You should remain fair and consistent when enforcing employees to use annual leave to avoid potential claims of discrimination.

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