Wise Up To What Makes Your Business Different

By May 11, 2016Uncategorized

When it comes to businesses and employing people, there is nothing more unusual than a Football Club. This is because they are often run as “not for profit” or simply businesses that don’t make profit! The types of employee and player contracts can be a real minefield for a Club. The businesses are often set up using two sets of different types of employee relationships and these need to be handled with care and specialism depending on the set up and the types of employment contracts that are based around either, running the club and creating revenue streams or in the case of players, managing talent which brings its own real challenges. If you then roll into it training and medical staff the issues on contractual Employment Law becomes exceptionally complicated.

If you also add children and junior players into the mix, make sure you are dealing with children in a training scenario correctly and ensure you are covered for this in your company procedures and employee handbooks.

This also brings issues that will need to be assessed and monitored from an Employment Law perspective. The production of specialist and bespoke contracts and an employee handbooks are a real must have.