To ensure you receive help and advice that’s consistent, we provide one-to-one support across our entire range of services. So whatever your needs, you will have access to your own dedicated advisor, keeping you reliably informed and answering any queries or concerns.

If you’re involved in mediation or tribunal you’ll liaise with the same advisor throughout the case.  It keeps things simple and gives you someone to turn to when you need answers and reassurance.

It’s like having your own HR department to call on when you need an employment problem solved – only with the extra benefit of being able to tap into our wide-ranging and high level of experience.

This supportive, all-inclusive ‘hands on’ service – including advice, documentation and representation – enables you to relax, take a back seat and have confidence in the knowledge that we’re on your side and acting in your best interests.

If you need to diffuse a situation fast – you will know who to call. Our Advice Line is available 24/7 providing instant help and solutions to businesses, no matter how large or small.

Above all, we apply common sense with professional legal logic to help solve your workplace problems. All delivered with care, empathy and that all important personal touch.