Social media dismissal was fair

By May 26, 2017Uncategorized

A long serving employee with a clean disciplinary record was dismissed as a result of comments made on Facebook, Personnel Today reports. Mrs Plant had her place of work and job title on her profile, and concerns had been raised by colleagues over comments she made, including describing her role as “general dogsbody” which the ET considered was “derogatory and insulting if not to the respondents certainly to her colleagues occupying the same position”. She also referred to her work as “that bloody place” and that she would “need to hurry up and sue them”. The employer had a clear policy in place, and in a disciplinary hearing and subsequent appeal, no adequate explanation for the comments was given. In Plant v API Microelectronics Ltd, the ET found that the dismissal, although it “may be seen as harsh” was still fair, as the comment was a clear breach of policy and dismissal fell within the range of reasonable responses.