Health & Safety

Protecting your business and the people who work for you

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your staff are working in a legally safe environment – achieving this is by no means easy and staying within the law can be even harder.

The legislation governing Health & Safety is both complex and comprehensive and achieving the necessary standards requires a great deal of care and attention on your part.

We can help by providing you with a complete Health & Safety service, tailored to your needs. It’s a simple, cost-effective way of enabling you to put in place a system that protects your employees and meets Health & Safety regulations.

Features of our service include:

  • On-site assessment of your premises and working practices, including risk assessments.
  • A written report highlighting any areas that pose a Health & safety problem, and advice on the measures needed.
  • The provision of a Health & Safety policy developed for your business, and practical ways to implement it.
  • Regular visits to your premises to monitor your Health & Safety performance.
  • Ongoing support available from your own designated Consultant.
  • Health and Safety and Emergency First Aid at Work training available within our purpose built training suite contact for dates and prices

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