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You must have a company handbook! You need to check your own handbook to see whether this type of offense is listed as gross misconduct. It is more likely that this is serious misconduct rather than gross misconduct. It would be gross misconduct if the children were left on their own. You would need to carry out a full investigation into the incident, obtaining witness statements and gathering any other evidence to resent to your employee. You would then need to invite your employee to a formal disciplinary hearing. Having considered your employees responses in the disciplinary meeting you may wish to issue him/her with a first and final written warning. You may wish to retrain all coaching staff on the back of this to raise their awareness as to what the rules are and as to what constitutes gross misconduct.

This one scenario is typical for Football Clubs and having support from a
professional Employment Law Company does make a big difference. Clubs need sound HR and Legal support to help them with the best solution for the
different scenario’s faced every day from simple mistakes to gross misconducts. If you take into account the current news stories, some high level issues are having to be addressed such as inappropriate social networking posts and even players bringing clubs into disrepute by actions taken in the players own time. Get help and advice and even think about having this available 24/7 through a reputable Employment Law Company that understands the sports industry and what makes Football Clubs a sector of their own.