Health & Safety at Work during the Coronavirus situation

By April 30, 2020Uncategorized
Where work cannot be done at home and employees are needed in the workplace, please ensure you consider their safety whilst remaining in the workplace:-
  1. Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres between individuals
  2. Remind employees to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly
  3. Provide washing facilities and hand sanitiser
  4. Ensure the premises is regularly cleaned
  5. Make sure they know what to do if they have any symptoms!

Return to work after the Coronavirus lock down
When furlough ends and businesses get back to ‘normal’, what should you be considering?  Obviously there will be guidance at this stage but consider:-
  1. Check that all employees details havent changed
  2. Continue hygiene control
  3. Look at continuing with as much distancing as possible
  4. Consider different working patterns/practices to keep your employees safe (take advice if wanting to make any changes to their Terms & Conditions)
  5. You could consider staff bringing their own food/drink and utensils and taking them home with them

Is there a specific amount of time that employees have to work inbetween furlough periods?

No!  They need to be furloughed for at least 3 weeks to be able to use the Job Retention Scheme, however, if they then return to work and later are furloughed again, the only time constraint is that each furlough period needs to be at least 3 weeks.

What records should an employer keep regarding furloughing it’s employers?

An employer must keep a written record of all communications with the employee regarding the furlough arrangement, including all copies of the furlough agreement, for five years