GP manager unfairly dismissed after allegedly awarding herself unauthorised pay rise

By November 5, 2019Uncategorized

A manager at a GP practice was unfairly dismissed following allegations that she and her mother handed themselves unauthorised pay rises, an ET has ruled.

Sareet Sidhu was dismissed for gross misconduct over allegations of theft of money, removing cash from the practice, failing to follow management instructions and increasing her own pay from £24,000 to £97,000 without authorisation or justification. But the Watford ET ruled that Sidhu’s employer – Allenby Clinic/Northolt Family Practice in west London – failed to carry out a proper investigation because Sidhu was not given the opportunity to participate.

It added that Sidhu’s dismissal for increasing her salary would have been fair if a proper investigation had been conducted. Sidhu’s mother’s claims are being heard separately.