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Employee wins first payout in caste discrimination case.

By December 1, 2015Uncategorized

Employee wins first payout in caste discrimination case.

A woman has been awarded around £184,000 in what is considered to be the first caste discrimination case in the UK.

Permila Tirkey made a claim to a tribunal that her employer discriminated against her because of her “low caste” – she is a member of the Adivasi caste, described as the “servant caste” in Hindu society. The court heard that her employer, a family from Milton Keynes, brought her from India and made her work 18 hour days, seven days a week.  She slept on a foam mattress on the floor and was forbidden from calling her family.

Her original claim, had been for direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief, but her employer claimed that this should be dismissed because the Equality Act 2010 does not refer to caste.  But the EAT upheld the case, and sent the case back to tribunal, which found in her favour.