Christmas Parties – are you ready?

By December 14, 2018Uncategorized


  1. Are your employees aware of what is required of them at the party eg. no fighting, drugs, damaging property etc?  If not give them a memo to make sure they are! (Elcons can help with this)
  2. What happens if your employee misbehaves at a Christmas party and you have paid for them to drink copious amounts of alcohol? Not a lot as you have exacerbated the behaviour!  Speak to Elcons to get some advice before preferably, but if it all goes wrong, definitely then!
  3. Do you have to look after your employees on their night out? Yes, you need to make sure they get home safely and are not treated detrimentally due to their sex, race etc as it is an ‘extension of the workplace’!
  4. Make sure your managers know that they shouldn’t agree to any pay rises, promotions etc while in the party swing as these may need to be agreed to in the cold light of day!
  5. What if your employees are abusive towards others during the party? You could discipline as it is an extension of the workplace, but it does depends on many factors.  Give Elcons a ring for some free advice!