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Trade Union (Wales) Act 2017 came in to force yesterday – Wednesday 13thSeptember 2017

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The Act disapplies certain provisions of Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (TULRCA) in relation to devolved Welsh authorities.  Specifically, the following no longer apply:

  • 40% support requirement in industrial action ballots in “important public services”
  • The requirement to publish information in relation to “facility time”
  • The restriction of deduction of union subscriptions from wages

Pensions – auto-enrolment

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Pensions – auto-enrolment

By February 2018 all employers will be covered by the auto-enrolment scheme which is governed by the Pensions Regulator.  The auto-enrolment scheme which has been being phased in since 2012 requires employers to enrol all eligible workers in to a qualifying pension scheme. The employer is also liable for minimum contributions to scheme for its workers.

Why take note?

This is a legal obligation and as the Pensions Regulator pursues its first prosecution of a company found to be in breach, we can only expect more naming and shaming in the coming months.  The Pensions Regulator has powers to issue fines, issue compliance notices and to carry out inspections.

If you are yet to engage with the requirements, please contact your advisor who can assist in getting you back on track

New Vento Bands

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As of 11th September 2017, new Vento bands will apply all claims issued on or after this date. Lower band: £800 to £8,400 – mid band: £8,400 to £25,200 – upper band: £25,200 to £42,000 – exceptional cases: over £42,000 these will be reviewed in March 2018.

Another fabulous morning on the Elcons training course “The Disciplinary Process”

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Another fabulous morning on the Elcons training course “The Disciplinary Process”, here’s what our clients have to say

“This course gives me more confidence in investigation/disciplinary process and ensuring we don’t’ make mistakes”

“Excellent trainer, good overview but with further detail where/when required”

“Absolutely fantastic”

“Jo was fantastic as always”


The High Court has ruled that, if allegations of sexual assaults committed by a doctor working for Barclays are proved true, the bank will be vicariously liable

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This case of Various Claimants v Barclays Bank Plc centres around a group of 126 claimants who are seeking damages from Barclays in relation to a number of alleged sexual assaults they were subjected to by Dr Gordon Bates. And it raises several important questions for employers to consider.