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Laying the tracks…

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Funding has been secured by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) from the Department of Work and Pensions to assist rail companies and their employees dealing with the challenges of mental health conditions.

The primary purpose of the pilot scheme, expected to run until February 2020, is to improve organisations confidence in supporting positive mental health and assisting those most at risk of loss of employment due to mental health conditions.

Although many employers utilise Occupational Health services, the direct recruitment of a mental health support specialist is a one step further approach.  It will be interesting to review the impact of this as time goes on.

A Thank You and Well Done

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Debra and David for their support over the last few years.

I have found Debra, David and the whole team to be incredibly dedicated, friendly, helpful and very professional, they always provide a 100% first class service.

I would highly recommend Elcons to any organisation and I am happy to say that we have signed for their services for another 3 years.

Once again well done to Debra, David and the whole team at Elcons”

Bruce Daniel Maloney,  Operations Manager for P D Bannister Haulage Limited

A ‘letter giving notice’ is not always a resignation…

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A ‘letter giving notice’ is not always a resignation. In the case of East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust v Levy, the Employment Appeals Tribunal dismissed an appeal from the Trust and upheld an earlier employment tribunal decision that Ms Levy had been unfairly dismissed.
Ms Levy had been offered a role at another department within the Trust and there gave a letter to her manager giving “one month’s notice”. When her job offer from the other department had been withdrawn, she attempted to withdraw her notice. This was refused and she brought a claim for unfair dismissal.
It was held that Ms Levy’s notice could have been a notice of termination or a notice of intended transfer, and that an observer could reasonably conclude that she was not giving notice to terminate her employment but was rather advising her manager of her acceptance of the other role.

The National Minimum Wage from April 2019

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Following the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission, the government will increase the national minimum wage from April 2019 to the following rates:

    • Apprentices: £3.90 an hour;
    • 16-17 year olds: £4.35 an hour;
    • 18-20 year olds: £6.15 an hour;
    • 21-24 year olds: £7.70 an hour;
    • National living wage (workers aged 25 and over): £8.21 an hour.

Uber appeal on employment Status of its “Workers”

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In October 2016 the Employment Tribunal made a landmark ruling that Uber drivers were deemed to be “workers”.  Workers are entitled to certain basic rights, such as the right to be paid the national minimum wage, entitlement to paid holidays, rest breaks and protection from discrimination.

Uber appealed the ET decision which now sits with the Court of Appeal.  Uber maintains that it is merely an “agent” whose sole role is to connect drivers to passengers but the drivers “pick and Choose” their work.

Watch this space for updates….

24th October Workshop Feedback

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We had some brilliant feedback from todays events from both existing clients and prospects.

  • “Very informative, gave a different approach rather than read from a slide”
  • “Presenter was excellent as always – Contents was good & gave a basic understanding”
  • “Clean & easy to understand. Content delivered very well by Jo”
  • “An informal course, friendly & interesting for new & existing managers”
  • “Very good”
  • “Very informative, clear and understandable”
  • “Great facilities, clear, easy to follow & understand, kept me engaged throughout”
  • “Great always, good examples that bring the theory into reality very funny too to make it a bit lighter”
  • “Great presenter, Jo came across really well, confident, professional and friendly.  Really enjoyed the role play and Elcons remembering their clients name was a nice touch!”

Testimonial – “I would highly recommend attending one of their sessions and see for yourself”

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“I attended a disciplinary and pitfalls of the staff Christmas party on the 24th October with ELCONS in Manchester. I have to say that of all the seminar’s/training sessions/forums etc I have attended this has to be one of the best I have ever attended. In other sessions it seems as though it’s just reading of a slide and you think ‘when is this going to end’ but with ELCON the session was interactive, informative, fun and personal.  Joanna’s style is fantastic and allowed all the information to be related in a fun but informative way and the session was a breeze. You can easily see that everyone at ELCON really do value the people that they work with and really give value to their clients on a personal level. I’m not a client of ELCON but there were clients in the room but Joanna made sure that everyone was a part of the same session. I really cannot fault anything from ELCON , Joanna, Collin, Yasmin, Julie and the rest of the team!

I would highly recommend attending one of their sessions and see for yourself. ”


Dan Clayton, HR Manager, Pall Mall Medical