Are you eligible to work in the UK?

By November 29, 2017Uncategorized

All clients are advised to be clear on eligibility to work in the UK criteria. Use the link below to check if a potential employee can work in the UK,

Checking the legitimacy of documents and evidencing that you made the correct checks are crucial in protecting yourself as a company director and protecting your business. The director of an Indian restaurant in Frome has been banned from being a company director and also received a fine for having three employees in his establishment without eligibility to work in the UK.  Two Café India Directors, were disqualified from being Directors for 6 years after four illegal workers were found to be working in the eatery.  A fine of £40,000 was also imposed.  As employing those without eligibility to work in the UK can be classed as a civil or criminal offence dependent upon the circumstances, a custodial sentence may also be applied. 

The Insolvency Service has said it has recently issued lengthy bans to 20 directors in 16 separate businesses across the UK for employing illegal workers, including 11 restaurants, four takeaways and a shop.  If in doubt regarding legitimacy of documents or what should be retained and evidenced, you are advised to make direct contact with the UK Visas and Immigration: