A Testimonial from Casicare

By November 8, 2019Uncategorized


I am writing to thank Johanna and the team at Elcons for the wonderful support and service given to Casicare as a new client. We have transferred to Elcon’s having a multiple of immediate needs as we had completed several changes in the way we operated our business.

As part of the introduction we have been given a personal and attentive service with expertise, solid advice and information that was clear and concise. We were introduced to our dedicated advisors and an insight into the philosophy and motivation of the company and how it works for a client.

In a short period of time we have reorganized our employment law arrangements with all our key managers trained and competent in current employment issues and legislation, new company handbooks, contracts and paperwork to every eventuality.

Complex issues have been dealt with effectively such as TUPE and preparation for Employment tribunals with expertise and have taken the burden off us with sound legal representation.

Professional in all aspect of their work and genuinely listen and understand the challenges of the Care sector. I would recommend anyone needing a straightforward approach with an understanding of the industry to consider Elcons. I have wasted too much time and money finding the wrong advice and now I’m satisfied I have found the best.


Janet Thompson.



150 employees – 2 Locations