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October 2018

24th October Workshop Feedback

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We had some brilliant feedback from todays events from both existing clients and prospects.

  • “Very informative, gave a different approach rather than read from a slide”
  • “Presenter was excellent as always – Contents was good & gave a basic understanding”
  • “Clean & easy to understand. Content delivered very well by Jo”
  • “An informal course, friendly & interesting for new & existing managers”
  • “Very good”
  • “Very informative, clear and understandable”
  • “Great facilities, clear, easy to follow & understand, kept me engaged throughout”
  • “Great always, good examples that bring the theory into reality very funny too to make it a bit lighter”
  • “Great presenter, Jo came across really well, confident, professional and friendly.  Really enjoyed the role play and Elcons remembering their clients name was a nice touch!”

Testimonial – “I would highly recommend attending one of their sessions and see for yourself”

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“I attended a disciplinary and pitfalls of the staff Christmas party on the 24th October with ELCONS in Manchester. I have to say that of all the seminar’s/training sessions/forums etc I have attended this has to be one of the best I have ever attended. In other sessions it seems as though it’s just reading of a slide and you think ‘when is this going to end’ but with ELCON the session was interactive, informative, fun and personal.  Joanna’s style is fantastic and allowed all the information to be related in a fun but informative way and the session was a breeze. You can easily see that everyone at ELCON really do value the people that they work with and really give value to their clients on a personal level. I’m not a client of ELCON but there were clients in the room but Joanna made sure that everyone was a part of the same session. I really cannot fault anything from ELCON , Joanna, Collin, Yasmin, Julie and the rest of the team!

I would highly recommend attending one of their sessions and see for yourself. ”


Dan Clayton, HR Manager, Pall Mall Medical

Morrisons – Court of Appeal: Vicarious Liability in Serious Data Breach

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The Court of Appeal has this week decided that Morrisons was vicariously liable for a serious data breach whereby Andrew Skelton, a former internal auditor for Morrisons posted names, bank account details, salaries and national insurance details of nearly 100,000 employees online.  Over 5,000 employees affected have been involved in bringing a case against the supermarket.
Skelton was a former disgruntled employee who was convicted of fraud, securing unauthorised access to computer material and disclosing personal data at a criminal trial in 2015.
Where did it go wrong? 
Morrisons defence centred on their argument that it could have done nothing to prevent the breach.
The Supermarket also argued that it could not be held liable for the criminal misuse of its data.
General Data Protection Regulations
The Regulations which came in to force in May this year have heightened public and media interest in personal data security.  It is inevitable that precedents will now be set to encourage conformity.

Ethnicity pay reporting

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Seeking views on ethnicity pay reporting by employers.

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 11 January 2019

 Consultation description

This consultation seeks views on ethnicity pay reporting by employers. It sets out options and asks questions on:

  • what ethnicity pay information should be reported by employers to allow for meaningful action
  • who should be expected to report
  • next steps

The objective of the consultation is to enable government and employers to move forward in a consistent and transparent way. Consultation responses will inform future government policy on ethnicity pay reporting.

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

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Seeking your views on how best to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

This consultation closes at 11pm on 19 October 2018

Consultation description

Trans people are able to receive legal recognition of their acquired gender through a process set out in the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004. Since the GRA came into force, only 4,910 people have legally changed their gender. This is fewer than the number of trans respondents to the government’s LGBT survey, who were clear that they wanted legal recognition but had not applied because they found the current process too bureaucratic, expensive and intrusive. The government therefore seeks your views on how to reform the legal recognition process.

The consultation focuses on the Gender Recognition Act 2004. We are not proposing any amendments to the Equality Act 2010.

This consultation does not consider the question of whether trans people exist, whether they have the right to legally change their gender, or whether it is right for a person of any age to identify with another gender, or with no gender. Trans and non-binary people are members of our society and should be treated with respect. Trans people already have the right to legally change their gender, and there is no suggestion of this right being removed. This consultation simply asks how best government might make the existing process under the Gender Recognition Act a better service for those trans and non-binary people who wish to use it.

Please email any enquiries to: