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May 2018

If you haven’t received a claim in 3 months following dismissal are you in the clear?

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No and here’s why…

  1. They are entitled to a further month for Early Conciliation (which you may not be aware of)
  2. Some exceptional claims eg. discrimination may be given a longer period at the Tribunal Judges’ discretion
  3. Personal injury claims can be brought within 3 years of the accident/injury
  4. Breach of contract claims can be brought with in 6 years of the breach

GDPR guidance provided by Elcons, get in touch today!

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GDPR comes in on the 25th May so ensure your data protection processes and documentation are up to date as there are quite a few changes for employers to be aware of!

Elcons can assist you with documentation and guidance including Privacy Notices, Policies and information of Data Subject Access requests (which are becoming very commonly requested).

Contact us for more information.