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May 2016

We’re Hiring!

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Elcons are currently looking for an experienced Tele Appointer with a proven track record to compliment our existing sales team. The role involves making good quality appointments for the field based Business Development Team. Essential skills are the ability to work as part of a team, word processing and excel experience, diary management skills, a desire and passion to meet targets as well as strong organisational skills. The ideal candidate will have a professional and confident telephone manner. For more information and a copy of the job description please contact or 01422 821150.

Here Is What The Experts Think…

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You must have a company handbook! You need to check your own handbook to see whether this type of offense is listed as gross misconduct. It is more likely that this is serious misconduct rather than gross misconduct. It would be gross misconduct if the children were left on their own. You would need to carry out a full investigation into the incident, obtaining witness statements and gathering any other evidence to resent to your employee. You would then need to invite your employee to a formal disciplinary hearing. Having considered your employees responses in the disciplinary meeting you may wish to issue him/her with a first and final written warning. You may wish to retrain all coaching staff on the back of this to raise their awareness as to what the rules are and as to what constitutes gross misconduct.

This one scenario is typical for Football Clubs and having support from a
professional Employment Law Company does make a big difference. Clubs need sound HR and Legal support to help them with the best solution for the
different scenario’s faced every day from simple mistakes to gross misconducts. If you take into account the current news stories, some high level issues are having to be addressed such as inappropriate social networking posts and even players bringing clubs into disrepute by actions taken in the players own time. Get help and advice and even think about having this available 24/7 through a reputable Employment Law Company that understands the sports industry and what makes Football Clubs a sector of their own.

Here Is A Scenario That Could Happen

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You have a qualified high level football coach who has been leaving children on training courses, with a lower grade coach. Is this against your rules and could it be classed as gross misconduct? The coach has over two years’ service.

Would you consider dismissal for this as an act of gross misconduct?

Wise Up To What Makes Your Business Different

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When it comes to businesses and employing people, there is nothing more unusual than a Football Club. This is because they are often run as “not for profit” or simply businesses that don’t make profit! The types of employee and player contracts can be a real minefield for a Club. The businesses are often set up using two sets of different types of employee relationships and these need to be handled with care and specialism depending on the set up and the types of employment contracts that are based around either, running the club and creating revenue streams or in the case of players, managing talent which brings its own real challenges. If you then roll into it training and medical staff the issues on contractual Employment Law becomes exceptionally complicated.

If you also add children and junior players into the mix, make sure you are dealing with children in a training scenario correctly and ensure you are covered for this in your company procedures and employee handbooks.

This also brings issues that will need to be assessed and monitored from an Employment Law perspective. The production of specialist and bespoke contracts and an employee handbooks are a real must have.